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The name is derived from unexpected male character of this table which was designed by four female designers. Macho table is a combination of metal and wood surfaces which are painted black to emphasize the different textures of materials. Bent metal strips are holding upper panel made of solid oak. The surface is etched to highlight the natural wood texture in contrast to the smooth metal legs. Depending on the dimensions of space you can choose small circular table or larger oval table. Ideal for living rooms or lounge bars.

Production line "Small tables"

One of the Manufakturist production models resulted with the line of “Small tables” (Porthos, Macho and 7IT). Exploring the demands of the domestic market, a niche was detected in the area of modern households and indoor public areas. Designing “Small tables” for the living room, waiting rooms and coffee shops covers that part of the market. The products are internationally competitive in function and quality and they reveal the full potential of Croatian idea and execution.

The materials used, Croatian oak, maple, aluminum and steel, are additionally enriched with top quality processing. By cooperation with local, traditional crafts and modern facilities, an attractive Croatian product was generated according to international standards, which has been confirmed by exhibiting on various fairs and exhibitions.

Macho (big)

dimensions — 936 x 596 x 380 mm
weight — 15 kg
weight with packaging — 15,5 kg

Macho (small)

dimensions — 636 x 636 x 330 mm
weight — 10 kg
weight with packaging — 10,5 kg

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