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Pinch of salt

The Adriatic is rich with sun and seawater. Create your own stock of salt while on holiday.

How to use: Submerge in the sea and fill up with seawater. Take out and leave in the sun until the water evaporates leaving only the salt. Use the obtained fresh salt as desired.

Pinch of salt info

dimensions — 65x125 mm
packaging dimensions — 145x130x70 mm
weight — 1 kg
weight with packaging — 1,2 kg
material — crystal glass,  Adria Grigio Venato stone

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Out and About Collection

One of the Manufakturist production models resulted in a group of items “Out and About” that includes three souvenirs that, each in an innovative and distinctive way, represent Croatia. “Out and About” Collection is an example of contemporary shaped items, technologically and design inspired by authentic Croatian customs, natural beauties and social values. They interpret a well- known narrative on Croatia through everyday items, which represents innovative thinking in the context of souvenir design. Wishing to relive the experienced, the “Out and About” Collection evokes certain atmosphere that can be consolidated by the term "memotions" (metaphor, memory, emotion) awoken by three designed items.

Out and about souvenir design collection consists of:

  • Brrr
  • Pinch of Salt
  • w/w glass

We are travelers, we live out and about. For us there is not just one destination, our journey never ends. Day by day we pass more or less known places, always finding differences, always absorbing new experiences. From time to time stop in admiration... and then we continue on. And when we close our eyes we remember the shapes and colors, fragrances and flavors, what mood we were in and with whom we shared it. One look at the salt reminds us of the flash of sunlight on the surface of the sea, one sip makes us smile and remember a cloud of smoke from the grill and a cool breeze reminds us of the beauty of a warm embrace. Every experience is a part of our journey, and the best experiences happen when we least expect them. That's why we are travelers. And that's why we live out and about.